Hurley, South Dakota 

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Hurley Public Library

Welcome to the Hurley Public Library page. The City of Hurley is fortunate to have a Public Library with approximately 15,000 books in a building of roughly 660 square feet. 

Library Hours are Monday & Wednesday 1:00pm - 8:00pm; Friday & Saturday 9:00am - Noon. The phone number at the library is (605) 238-5680.

Recently we have gone through our collection and pared down those books that weren't being checked out in order to make room for more books for children, young adults, and readers of all ages. 

With the recent hiring of Librarian Amy Smith and Assistant Librarian Maureen Garry, we hope to start some evening programming (do you have a hobby you would love to share with others? Consider presenting a class one or two nights a week!), starting up a summer reading program in 2019, and possibly a Hurley Book Club. If you have any ideas for Amy and/or the library, feel free to stop in and talk to her, or leave a note in the book depository. All ideas and suggestions are welcomed and will be seriously considered. We want to make this your public library! 

We recently had a visit from Shawn Berends of the South Dakota State Library and she gave Amy some great resources so look for exciting changes, new programming, and access to reference materials from many different sources. 

Are you an e-book reader? If so, let Amy know as the annual subscription to the state e-book list is fairly expensive. If we know that you're interested, it will allow us to make the decision to subscribe, knowing that we have lots of readers who will participate in that program. 

Whether paperback or hardcover, e-book or large print, a book is a book is a book. We hope to carry an assortment that every reader will be comfortable with!

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